Econochill Tandem Scroll Water Chillers
The larger end of the range of our air-cooled
scroll water chillers utilizes a tandem scroll
compressor set.
For 2010, all new Econochill chiller
production will be charged with HFC
refrigerant R-410A, making our
chillers fully compliant with both EU
and Montreal protocols.
All Units Require Three Phase Power
Can be Equipped for Indoor or Outdoor Use
The Control Panel Can be Unit-Mounted or Remote
Lead/Lag Digital Compressor Control for Even Wear
Split Condenser Chiller Option Available
Adjustable High/Low Pressure Controls with Lockout
Refrigerant Filter/Drier and Sightglass Standard
Bolt-Down Clips Standard, Casters Optional
Ships Fully Charged with Refrigerant and Oil
Water-Cooled Models Available Upon Request
Customization and Special Features Not a Problem!
Highlights include:
water chiller glycol chillerwater chillers glycol chillers heat exchangers water-cooled chillers process temperature control glycol antifreeze
All literature is provided in Adobe Acrobat Format